Just some friction in The Machine

Saturday, June 19, 2010

In response to the Sacramento City Council voting for economic sanctions against Arizona, I have decided to boycott businesses within the city limits, and have just created the website Boycott Sacramento to link to similar groups.

Let me be clear that I think it's unwise to initiate economic sanctions against any entity that uses your same currency, but since I don't live in the City of Sacramento, I can't vote to Recall the Idiots. Since I live less than half a mile outside of the city boundary, I regularly shop at businesses in the city, well, at least I used to. (Sorry Corti Brothers, sorry Art Ellis, sorry Chevron, sorry Elephant Bar, sorry Arden Fair Mall.....) I just can't see letting .75% of my purchase, the city's cut of sales tax, go to the city. So I'll shop in the county instead. I'm tempted to go use all of the free city services as much as I can and just make sure that I'm outside of city boundaries before I spend any money.

Since the city boundaries aren't obvious, you'll want to check out the boundary maps. I like the one for parks better than the one for council districts. It let me know that one of my favorite restaurants, Fresh Choice on Howe Ave, is in the county, albeit right on the line. The Fresh Choice in Arden Fair Mall is in the city, so I won't go to that one any more.