Just some friction in The Machine

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I am amazed at the stupidity of some California politicians. San Francisco, San Diego and now Los Angeles have passed resolutions to boycott Arizona because of their new anti-illegal immigration law. Regardless of their feelings toward the law, do they really want to start an economic civil war between States? Particularly when their opinion is in the minority, pushing for economic sanctions of a state only invites reprisals and is suicidal. There is no winner, it will always be lose-lose, the question is only who can afford to lose more?

OK, silly liberal politicians, I hope Arizona returns the volley, here's an idea, I decided to send this note to every Arizona company I can think of:

--- snip ---

Considering the fact that several California cities have passed resolutions to boycott Arizona based businesses, and the fact that a majority of Americans support the Arizona Law
I think you should create an advertising campaign proudly stating that you're an Arizona based company, and people can show how out-of-touch California politicians are with Americans by supporting you. Remember, Californians overwhelmingly passed Proposition 187 a few years ago, we're just as disgusted with our politicians as you are.